Two Keys was conceived in the spring of 2018 by spirit enthusiasts, James Simpson and Jack Herlihy. Feeling uninspired by the predictability of mixers on the market, they were determined to create something new and original that reflected the diversity, quality and craftsmanship that is so abundant in the spirit world.

While collaborating with a renowned experimental food studio, they discovered how well tea pairs with certain spirits. After months working with the world’s finest teas, developing optimal brewing techniques and figuring out the perfect blends, the first Two Keys flavours were born – Black Tea and Green Tea.

The next two flavours, Lemon and Pink Grapefruit, grew from James and Jack’s love of the classic Tom Collins and Paloma cocktails. They sought to replicate the fresh aroma of recently cut fruit. Two Keys use real juice (never from concentrate) enabling both barmen and home drinkers to create a perfectly balanced cocktail in seconds.