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Green Tea Mixer

100% natural and low in calories

Key ingredients

We use some of the most sought after Japanese green teas in the world - Gyokuro, Tencha and Kukicha. Only the finest first-flush leaves from the first harvest make the cut for our drinks due to their superior flavour and nutrient content.


This rigorous selection and an uncompromising focus on quality results in a distinct sweetness, freshness and a touch of umami flavour that give a refreshing lift to almost any spirit. Serve on its own over ice for an incredibly sophisticated and exciting soft drink.

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Pairs with

Citrus and floral gin

Two Keys Gin and Green Tea

Fill a highball 
glass with ice

Add 35mls of a
floral or citrus gin

Fill up with
Two Keys Green Tea

Garnish with a slice of lemon

Cold brewed tencha tea, cold brewed gyokuro tea, cold brewed kukicha tea, organic cane sugar, citric acid